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Vegetable salad with Kakhetian oil and tomatoes 16.00

Vegetable salad with Kakhetian oil, tomatoes and nuts 18.00
Georgian warm steak salad 39.00
Caesar with chicken 25.00
Vegetable salad with Imeretian cheese 21.00


Beef tartare 25.00

Traditional meat platter 42.00

Assorted Georgian cheeses 29.00

Grilled Suluguni cheese with farm vegetables 19.00 

Bruschetta with toma toes and Rachin ham 25.00

Ajapsandal in baked eggplant 21.00

Assorted hot snacks 96.00
Squid rings in tempura with sour cream sauce 23.00

Shrimps in tempura with sour cream sauce 27.00

Onion rings with BBQ sauce 14.00

Potato chips with BBQ sauce 12.00
Chicken wings with BBQ sauce 21.00

Cheese nuggets 21.00

Assorted Georgian pickles 18.00

Georgian hazelnut 12.00

Grill menu

Georgian trout with Narsharab sauce 26.00
Norwegian salmon with caviar sauce 46.00

Veal medallions with seasonal grilled vegetables 45.00

Сheese devil burger with Gorgonzola cheese 39.00

Smoky Jack burger 29.00


Borsch 16.00

Chikhirtma 18.00

French onion soup 20.00