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At the St. Bunny restaurant you can find a variety of rabbit dishes that will delight even the most spoiled gourmets

Soft and tender rabbit meat, because we saturate the dishes with aromatic Georgian spices🔥

In addition, we will prepare snacks and salads from rabbit, for example, Warm salad with rabbit liver and pear, Bruschetta with rabbit meat pate and much more.

Finally, rabbit goes great with a variety of wines! Our sommeliers will help you choose the right wine for your dish, which will reveal its taste even better!

We are waiting for you at St. Bunny!😉

🔸Warm salad with rabbit liver - 38.00 gel

🔸Caesar with rabbit - 31.00 gel

🔸Bruschetta with rabbit meat pate - 29.00 gel

🔸Bruschetta with rabbit liver pate - 29.00 gel

🔸Shkmeruli with rabbit - 41.00 gel

🔸Ojakhuri with rabbit - 29.00 gel

🔸Rabbit in wine-honey sauce - 47.00 gel

🔸Dumplings with rabbit - 28.00 gel

🔸Steam rabbit cutlets - 28.00 gel

🔸Soup with rabbit - 23.00 gel

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