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APEROL SPRITZ 25GEL aperol, vermouth rosso, sparkling wine

CLASSIC COCKTAILS 20GEL BELLINI peach puree, sparkling wine COSMOPOLITAN vodka, cointreau, lime fresh, cranberry juice DAIQUIRY rum, lime fresh, sugar syrup GIN GARDEN gin, elderflower, cucumber, apple juice MOJITO rum, lime, sugar syrup, mint leaves, sparking water NEGRONI gin, campari, vermouth rosso OLD FASHIONED american whiskey, sugar, angostura aromatic bitter TEQUILA SUNRISE 1930'S tequila, cassis liquor, lime fresh, sparking water WHISKEY SOUR american whiskey, lemon fresh, sugar syrup, egg white, angostura bitter


BITTER MAI TAI rum, campari, cointreau, lime fresh, dissarono BUGS BUNNY rum, carrot cordial, orange juice, egg white DARK SIDE tequila, cointreau, lemon fresh, hazelnut syrup, reduced balsamic ETERNAL YOUTH gin, lemon fresh, blackberry syrup, basil leaves, tonic LONDON PEACH gin, cocoa liquor, peach liquor NEON becherovka, blue curasao liquor, lemon fresh, pineapple puree PASSION SOUR american whiskey, lemon fresh, passionfruit puree, egg white PICK ME UP vodka, lemon fresh, vanill&cardamon cordial, pomegranate juice STRAWBERRY CHILLITA tequila, lime fresh, strawberry puree, spicy pepper

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