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About us

CHEMI it  is the 3 most delicious places in Tbilisi.

A place where you can discover every region of Georgia by revealing the most delicious dishes.

A variety of meat and vegetable dishes seasoned with real Georgian spices.

Flour dishes, sauces, sweets, pickles and cheeses - all the best is collected from all over Georgia and presented in our menu.

With us you will feel like visiting your favorite friends. We will treat you to authentic Georgian dishes prepared and served with the famous Georgian hospitality.


Chemi Cafe on Rustaveli - 26 Shota Rustaveli Ave.

Chemi Qartuli Samzareulo - 10 Ingorokva Street

Chemi PELMENI - st. Paliashvili, 36


- organization of banquets and catering

- the best Georgian wines

- farm products

- frozen food delivery (dumplings, pelmeni, pancakes)

- culinary classes

- gastro tours in Georgia with a chef or sommelier







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Famous restaurant - это место, где можно поесть в Тбилиси, куда пойти в Тбилиси и где провести в Тбилиси время

35, Paliashvili str.,Tbilisi, Georgia 

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